Packing List

“Nowadays, they have more trouble packing hair dryers than baseball equipment.”– Bob Feller (1950’s pitcher for the Cleveland Indians)

So I just returned from a seven day trip to Nicaragua…I guess none of my fellow Hagsaeng Naebu thought it pertinent to post while I was away!  By the way, though Hagsaeng Naebu is the name by which we can be referred (inside student)  the actual title of our program is a different Korean phrase, which we have yet to share with you, Ho An Seok, meaning Tiger’s Eye…more on this distinction in another post.

Anyway, just as my Nicaragua trip included consulting a packing list with essential items (like a wide-brimmed hat which I forgot and truly regretted!) so too does this adventure in martial arts come complete with a list of required goods.  Unlike my trip to Nicaragua however (where all the items on the list made sense…sunscreen, sturdy shoes, t-shirts, camera), this Hagsaeng Naebu list just seems to have me stumped…below is an email from Master Pearson with instructions on what to pack…

“As our first meeting quickly approaches I thought I would put together a short list of things to bring and general comments…

  • Each of you will receive a cubby for your equipment. Your uniforms will be left in your cubby between weekends.  When they need to be cleaned, you will wash them here.
  • You will not be showering at my house, but you should bring a small bag with your toiletries.  Your bag will also be kept in your cubby.
  • Your cubby should be kept in perfect order and spotless at all times.
  • Your Chinese/Korean names will be placed on the outside your cubby.
  • For the first class everyone should bring the following:
  1. a roll of pennies
  2. a cup to hold the pennies (should not be glass)
  3. a votive candle
  4. a lighter
  5. a long stem candle and a holder for it to keep it upright
  6. a journal (preferably a new one)
  7. a couple pens
  • You will be doing a lot of reading, so bring glasses if you need them.  Remember no contacts the first weekend because of the initiation ceremony.  You can bring them and put them in afterwards if you want.
  • Master Shaffer please bring your Zabuton and Zafu
  • I can tell you that you will not have any time for anything other than what is on the schedule so there is no need to bring anything else: iPods, reading, etc.
  • I would prefer that all notes be taken in your journals and not on laptops.
  • You will all be sleeping together on the training floor, so bring a pillow and one blanket, nothing more. Remember, try to minimize what you bring.
  • We will all be eating with chopsticks only.  If you have a pair you like please bring them. If not I’ll supply you with a pair.  You will also be given a bowl that all your food will go in when eating.  Both your bowl and chopsticks will be stored in your cubby.

Roll of pennies?  Two different types of candles? No showering????  What on earth?  Seriously, what could one possibly be doing, that’s martial arts related, that requires a roll of pennies?  A little help here?  If anyone has any ideas please, let me know…I can’t handle the suspense.  I want to know exactly what I’m in for.



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