Time’s a tickin’

So we have just a few days left until we get together for the first time as Hagsaeng Naebu.  It’s been a challenging few weeks, first applying to this program, then waiting to be accepted, then getting accepted but watching policies tighten and rules get stricter, then reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that our definition of what made martial arts “fun” was about to change forever, then getting organized and purchasing everything from that absurd (I mean intriguing) packing list, and finally here we are getting ready for black belt class tonight where we’ll get to hang out for the last time together as regular students.  Friday and Saturday morning will be interesting days, for some of us it will be full of anticipation and excitement, for others it will be a day and half of a different kind of anticipation (the kind that involves worry and dread).  This will probably be our last post until the actual class is over…unless someone else steps up and writes his or her bio or another entry (this is going to get boring if our readers only hear my perspective!! – hint hint!).


What do you think?

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