Keeps on Tickin’…

Not Full of Dread, but Very Busy, between getting materials together for this weekend, finishing up the homework, cleaning and getting my house ready to be left and the pets watched, not to mention learning to Navigate a Blog. and I seem to have begun to think in Haiku which I was not expecting. Funny things happen around things like these meetings… funny things happen to me a lot. All I really am doing is trying to learn the most I can and be the most helpful that I can in this life. Anyway I want to say Master Shaffer, thanks for doing so much work on this blog (and other tasks), it looks great! and Master Pearson, I am so impressed at how you’ve taken a person who is a perpetual outsider in just about everything she tries to do (that’s me) and managed to somehow draw her in, such as to this inner circle as it were of Shin Ho Kwan. Thank you, and it is a testament to your teaching and leading abilities; that not many may understand but like I said I am constantly impressed from my vantage point. With that I will be quiet again now… thank you all for reading! and I have more work to do. See some of you soon,~ Ms. anaDoll

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