2011 Winter Retreat Video Post Part 6

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Hagsaeng Naebu literally translates to “inside student,” the Korean equivalent of Japan’s well known uchi-deshi style of martial arts training. We, the authors, are privileged to be participants in a truly unique “live-in” martial arts program…the only of its kind for Taekwondo outside of Asia. There are currently four of us studying in this intense manner under the guidance of Master S. Pearson, founder and head instructor of Shin Ho Kwan (Institute of the New Tiger) Taekwondo. We’re blogging about our experience so that you can get an inside perspective on this rare, traditional style of martial arts practice. See what we go through, what we learn, and how our path unfolds... Welcome to “Gazing Through Tiger Eyes”


  1. That was amazing Master Shaffer!!! You are so brave and so trusting. I don’t know if I could have stood there willingly while someone smacked me across the head! Yes, that was very cool. Thank you for sharing!!! : )

    1. haha — it was pretty awesome! Brave I don’t know about, but trusting…that’s another matter entirely. I have known Master Pearson since I was 6 years old. I have absolutely no reason not to trust him – he has pushed pretty hard over the years but never ever ever have I been in a truly unsafe situation with him nor has he ever lied to me about anything in my whole life (without later revealing the truth and the purpose of the lie). He is an incredible person who has represented consistency and stability for me over the years and I will trust him implicitly for the rest of my life. I think it’s nice to be able to say that about someone! So yeah – had it been anyone else, I’m not sure I would have let them smack me in the head 🙂 It did hurt a bit though – mostly in my right eye. I think it’s funny that I’m laughing as I go down!

  2. Master Shaffer,
    Did it feel like anything you have experienced before? I mean did it pinch, was there pain, bruises afterwards, was it two different places on the head that have to hit at the same time, where are were these pressure points, just how many pressure points are there on the body, and how many of them can cause you to pass out? Or is this something you only learn when you are black belt or else end up hurting someone?

    1. hmmm what did it feel like? If only I could remember! I guess it sort of felt like something falling on my head, or if you ever been hit upside the head, like for being stupid…it was kind of like that but much harder. Yes the points were simultaneously struck. I’d tell you which points they were but I don’t really want to publish that online – safety reasons! I’ll show you the next time I see you. We learned quite a few that were pretty dangerous. Not all may cause a knock out of course, but some had some really dramatic effects. If you’re really interested, which I hope you are because this stuff is awesome 🙂 you should check out Marc Tedeschi’s book called Essential Anatomy for Healing and Marital Arts Weatherhill Inc 2001 $23 on amazon.com Have fun…but be careful!

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