“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework” – Lily Tomlin

Perhaps spurred by recent events, (the loss of Mr. Dillon, the recruitment of Mr. Worden, our last visit to Cincinnati, our quickly approaching March Hagsaeng Naebu meeting, a stupid comment made by yours truly and accidentally overheard by Master Pearson, etc), Master Pearson recently emailed us a new set of guidelines pertaining to our homework. Whereas before our homework was supposed to change month to month based on Master Pearson’s specific interest for the upcoming meeting, now it is streamlined, with the same three assignments repeating each month. I think to a large extent he was disappointed by the fact that we’re not keeping up with regular assignments, that and the fact that he’s blogging more than most of us are and after all this is our program.

At any rate, this new system which includes the continuation of our exploration of the more obscure arts of the East and South East Asian world, increasingly meticulous reading assignments, and what I guess we could call “forced” blogging, is simultaneously both more manageable and provides for deeper, more complex learning…every cloud has its silver lining.

So stay tuned to see how we cope with the changes. At the very least you’ll have the chance to read a blog post from each one of us every week (since it’s now a requirement)…so make sure you check in!


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