The Weekend Draws Near

As this weekend draws near I am most of the time consumed with thoughts of all the things I have to do to get ready- including planning with Master Shaffer the Indonesian menu, researching my assigned Indonesian martial art, and finishing my book. (Oh right and the weekly blog post). The menu part- I have been making food from Indonesian recipes, which in addition to helping me pick what to cook for dinner and breakfast this weekend, is providing me with home-cooked food (it lasts a long time with few to share it with) and teaching me to cook different styles of Asian food. I started experimenting with Vietnamese and Indonesian food before I knew what country we would be cooking from next- we’re bound to get to a lot of cuisines eventually plus it is all good experience for me. One of the most challenging things is cooking quickly, I much prefer to cook when I am not on such a tight time schedule (which doesn’t always happen). Anyway, so far I’ve made green beans with garlic sauce, tofu in a tamarind- coriander sauce, lemongrass coconut rice, stir fried bok choi and a rice noodle and veggie dish (which I still have a huge bowl of at home in my fridge). From this experience I’ve learned to liven up my tofu cooking, adding tamarind, coriander, garlic and palm sugar (yummy!) to the soy sauce I used to always cook it in. I’ve also begun using peanut oil to cook tofu and veggies in- as most of the recipes call for- though I’m not sure how much of it I should really be eating, a lot of Indonesian recipes call for frying, deep frying or frying THEN deep frying things in peanut oil. One cool thing I have learned is, that tempeh originated in Indonesia. I believe tempeh to be one of the more nutritious forms of soy food due to the culturing process used in its creation. I plan to do more cooking of Indonesian style tempeh- even if we don’t end up using it this weekend.

I still have work to do researching pencak silat, my assigned Indonesian martial art- it was assigned to both myself and Mr. Worden, so we have had to find a way to divide the research on the art in half. I will have to share more about that once I have more information- my “half” is the sport and art/ culture manifestations of the martial art. More from the book later,-

I’m excited about my new teaching endeavors. Fenya’s Taekwondo class went well last week. We got to go to their gym and use a matted floor- luxury! I had all the kids try back breakfalls. Some bent their knees, but then fell backwards flat on their backs (I told them to roll, and demonstrated!) so I figure they are learning how not to fall- so I demonstrated how not to fall, falling flat on my back on purpose. It occurred to me that I think I have seen Master Pearson similarly demonstrate how not to do things, and that this can be a strong teaching tool. My next task for my evening classes is making flyers- should be starting classes April 7! Woo hoo! And maybe soon I can add a kids’ class- one thing at a time I guess- I’ll post some more thoughts after our meeting!

I’ll have to be going to our monthly meeting now, and though I may be learning to see “through Tiger’s eyes,” right now I feel more like I am walking in to the Tiger’s mouth- Excited though as always wishing I could have been more prepared. Here goes…

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