Taekwondo Classes

Here it is Saturday already- this week sure flew by. My experiment this week is to see if my children will be well-behaved enough so that I can fulfill my blog requirement at the library- since I have to-

This past week marked my participation in my first Jew-Do class (Master Shaffer’s Taekwondo class at Cornell). This was good for me on many levels. Firstly I don’t usually put aside time to work on my basics, so doing front, crescent, roundhouse, downward roundhouse kicks etc., made me practice and also realize that I still know how to kick. We practiced knife defenses- which made me want to take advantage of our curriculum being detailed on our web site and go over all the one steps (with and without weapons). Even though on my next test I will be required to perform “optionals,” that is defend myself though not necessarily with particular one steps- I find that all the exercises we do, including the one-steps, are useful for teaching me how to move my body and defend myself, as a kind of foundation. Also, as I embark on my own teaching missions, I am realizing how important it will be for me to have a working knowledge of our color belt curriculum which I will need to be able to pass it on to my students.

Speaking of my upcoming classes, the Taekwondo class description is up on the City Health Club web site, www.cityhealthclub.com. That’s this Thursday- I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this class and what it will be like. As it is at a gym I expect people will want to be tired out- so I can use my favorites of Master Pearson’s warm-ups. Beyond just teaching the “basics” (which I am looking forward to) I am thinking about giving students a well-rounded knowledge of the art as well as keeping them interested enough to return to my classes.

This is the room where the classes will be:

Our group fitness studio where we offer Hip Hop Extreme, Pilates, Yoga, ZUMBA and more!

My short classes in Fenya’s school class are going well. Though we only had 10 minutes this week I managed to fit in a few different things- including getting students to line up and bow. Last time when I said “line up” they lined up in a line as if preparing to walk down the hallway- this time I specified “next to each other.” One thing I am learning about teaching is how much I really have to break things down and specify everything. I am thinking it’s like learning a language. The basic techniques- strikes, joint locks etc., are like letters. It may not always make sense to practice them by themselves, until we learn them and can start putting them together, such as in defense to a strike. A language that you speak with your body. Body Language.

I also wanted to say Thank You Master Pearson! Without whose time and dedication of course none of this would be happening- and Thank You! to my fellow Hagsaeng Naebu members, without whom this would also not be happening. I like to think that in addition to learning mental and physical techniques, we are learning to be more like Master Pearson- I see my goal as to also eat, breathe and dream martial arts as he does. As Master Shaffer wrote about in her Post, I believe her weekly #2- Thanks all readers too, Thanks Rose!

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