Affirming Faith in Mind – Translation by Ormond McGill

In this week’s post I thought I would share a translation of the Shinhinmei (Verses of the Believing Mind) by one of my instructors.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Way comes most readily for those who have few preferences.  When wishing for and wishing against are both absent, everything becomes clear and undisguised.  Make distinctions, however, and heaven and earth are set far apart.  If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions for or against anything.  To set up what you like against what you dislike is the disease of the mind.  When the deep meaning of things is not understood, the mind’s essential peace is disturbed.

The Way is perfect like vast space, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess.  Indeed, it is due to our choosing to accept or reject that we do not see the true nature of things.  Live neither in the entanglements of outer things, nor in one’s inner feelings.  Just be serene in the oneness of things and such erroneous views will disappear by themselves.  When you try to stop activity to achieve passivity, your very efforts fill you with activity.  As long as you remain in one extreme or the other, you will never know oneness.

Those who do not live in the Way fail in both activity and passivity.  To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality, just as to assert the purposelessness of things is likewise to miss their reality.  The more you talk and think about it, the further astray you can wander from the truth.  It has been said by many masters that if one stops talking and thinking, there is nothing you will not be able to know.  At the moment of inner understanding, there is a going beyond that which appears to be and that which appears not to be.  Thus, do not search for the truth; only cease to cherish opinions.

Do not exist in a dualistic state, for if there is even a trace of this and that, of right and wrong, the mind will be lost in confusion.  At their roots, all dualities come from a single source, which we can call the One … but do not become attached even to this One.  When the mind is undisturbed as to which way it should choose, but just allows what IS to be, there is nothing in the world which can offend.  And when a thing can no longer offend, it ceases to exist with the strength it had.

To live in the Way is neither easy nor difficult, but those with limited views are fearful and irresolute, and the faster they hurry the slower they go, and clinging cannot be limited; even to be attached to the idea of the Way is to go astray.  Just let things be in their own way, and there will be neither coming nor going.

Obey your natural nature and you will walk freely and undisturbed.  When thought is in bondage, the truth is hidden, for everything is murky and unclear, and the burdensome practice of judging brings annoyance and weariness as no benefits can be derived from distinctions and separations.

If you wish to move in the Way, do not dislike the world of senses and ideas.  Indeed, to accept them fully is identical with the true Way.  The wise strive for no goals; only the foolish fetter themselves.  Distinctions arise from the clinging needs of the ignorant.  To seek the Way with a discriminating mind is the greatest of all mistakes.

For the unified mind in accord with that which IS, all self-centered striving ceases.  Doubts and irresolutions vanish, and the real fullness of living is possible.  When all is empty, clear, and illuminated with no exertion of the mind’s power, we are freed from bondage.  For in this world of suchness there is neither self nor other than self.

To come directly into harmony with existence, simply say that nothing is separate and nothing is excluded.  No matter when or where or how, following the Way means entering this truth.  And this thought is beyond extension or diminution in time or space, as it is a single thought in eternity.

To the master, the universe always stands before your eyes as infinitely large and infinitely small: no difference, for definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen.  So too is it with your Being and non-Being.  Don’t waste time in doubts and arguments, but move along and intermingle with all things without distinction.  To live in this realization is to be without anxiety about non-perfection.  To live in this faith is the way to non-quality because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind.  Truly, the way is beyond language, for in it is found the great truth that in reality there is no tomorrow and there is no today.

— Translated by Ormond McGill

Something to think about…

by Master Sean Pearson

Written by

Throughout his career, in an effort to become a truly well-rounded martial artist in both practice and philosophy, Master Pearson has studied a wide variety of martial arts: Taekwondo, Kali, Kyudo, Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Jodo, Bando and Tai Chi. He holds dan rankings in six of these arts and master ranks in three of them. To this same end he has studied and achieved national recognition as a wilderness survival instructor, a certified hypnotherapist, and a lecturer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

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