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We (Hagsaeng Naebu + Shin Ho Kwan) are specifically non-religious, suitable for persons of any or no religion. If I mention things that sound like they aren’t entirely non-religious, for example spirituality, it may reflect my personal beliefs (or that of others- if I am discussing something we are reading for example) but is not necessarily related at all to my study of Shin Ho Kwan or membership of Hagsaeng Naebu, which I again state are non-religious in nature.

I commented on Mr. Worden’s last post, this could be considered a continuation of that comment-

Master Chia likens the body to a vessel that carries your soul/ spirit, and says if your body isn’t healthy, your “ship” will “sink” before you can get anywhere. Even in non-religious terms, if a person aims to quiet the mind, the person would still want the body to be healthy or would be distracted by the part of the body that is not.

I have recently begun thinking of the mind and body as the same and not separate entities. The mind is not really only in the brain, the brain is in fact connected through the whole body by nerve cells. All the parts of our body are constantly interacting with each other in a way that is constantly amazing to me. I like the “Inner Smile” (mentioned in previous entries) because it is a way for me to acknowledge the work of different parts of my body, without which I could not be a living, functioning organism. I like to think of myself as a “body-mind.” The healthier the “body” is, the healthier the “mind” is also.

I watched a video about the brain last year, which stated that each part of the brain affects the part below/ inside itself, which results in messages being carried to all parts of the body. It concluded that it is healthy for the body to think “abstract, positive thoughts.” It occurs to me now that the “Inner Smile” is a more focused way of helping the body be as healthy as it can through positive thinking (smiling).

Sit Spot

The practice of the Sit Spot comes from the teachings of Tom Brown’s Tracker School (see previous entries or their website not from my martial art practice. This practice, though simple, has been called one of the most important things taught at the Tracker school (by a Tracker instructor) and I have come to agree. This practice involves finding a spot outside where you can sit, and sitting there at least once, preferably twice a day (dawn and dusk are optimal times). At least fifteen minute sitting sessions are best, but I figure any time I can sit is better than not sitting. Just sitting creates an opportunity to observe plant and animal life (birds can often be observed) and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

I have recently revived my Sit Spot practice, probably related to the weather having become less wintery lately. Still I wrap myself in a blanket, and sit on a rock by our fire pit in the yard (yes if you drive by my house, that’s me wrapped in the blanket with pictures on it of yellow rubber ducks).  But what I wanted to say is that the Sit Spot can also serve as a place to meditate; my mind always feels best in a natural setting, though I recommend observing nature part of the time and meditating part of the time you sit, rather than the whole time. At Tracker school students are sent to their Sit Spots often to practice various nature observation and mental exercises. My Sit Spot practice has motivated me to work on the Microcosmic Orbit, which I have been meaning to do but not making time for. I find nature to be an ideal spot to practice (this is my personal experience keep in mind, another person might be more comfortable practicing inside) and I think I am making the birds curious. This morning when I stopped practicing (and stored energy) there were a pair of Tufted Titmice (Titmouses?) just above me in on the grapevines discussing. [for more information about the Microcosmic Orbit + more]

That’s the Doll report for the week- thanks for tuning in! Tonight I’ll be watching my homework movie (Jet Li’s Fearless), thanks to Master Shaffer (I don’t have a TV)- more on that next week~

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