There is no place like home

Many things have gone very well for me this week.  I am readjusting well to Rochester, getting back into a good training routine, and looking ahead to my next steps.  Truly, this has been one of my best weeks in a long time.

There’s nothing quite like returning to one’s home ground.  Everything from the streets of Rochester to the picturesque hills of South Bristol is something very close to my heart.  I’m especially touched by the nature that surrounds my home in South Bristol. The woods that team with life both day and night engulf my dwelling, and the area is always full of the freshest air that carries the fragrance of morning dew and wildflowers.  Always there seems to be a great sense of peace and purity that permeates the area.  It’s truly an amazing place, and I am glad to be reunited with it.

I have returned to the beautiful hills of Bristol, NY

My training has gone very well this week.  Yesterday, I completed my third body  conditioning workout this week.  It has been a very long time since I have completed three in one week. I’ve also put several hours this week on multiple occasions into running my forms and practicing my fundamental techniques.  While this is still not quite within my goal of practicing these things everyday, it is an improvement for me, and I can feel the benefits.  More and more I am starting to feel my motions springing from my hip like a whip: even in back stance which was hard for me before, I am now feeling this connection.  Sticking to this new training regime and seeing some results already fills me with much joy.

I have also started training with my younger brother.  He has never done martial arts before, but he is a very accomplished athlete and has always been interested in practical skills, so martial arts is a natural field for him to explore.  He is a quick and careful study, and I firmly believe that as he continues to train he will surely develop into a very skilled and talented martial artist.  It is really fun training with my younger brother because he has always been a very close friend, and it is very fulfilling to be able to share an area of passion with a close and trusted friend.

Currently, I am filled with only the most positive thoughts about my development and the future of my career.  I feel very blessed to partake in this course in this location with my fellow martial arts students under Master Pearson.  It is with much anticipation and joy that I look forward to the future for the good things to come from this.

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