The Baby

This week we are giving you “recipes” for the conditioning tools we use at our Hagsaeng Naebu meetings. They are fairly simple and relatively inexpensive to make with materials readily available, mostly from a home-improvement store, plumbing section.

The device I chose is small and heavy (we call it “the baby”). I chose this one because it is particularly hard for me to use it. Not that the others are easy, they are all duly challenging. However due to the size and heaviness of the object and the (small) size of my hands, some of the exercises we do with it are particularly challenging. Not to mention the first time I used it one if its edges scraped my hand and left a bloody mark (Caution- edges can be sharp).

So- what do we do with it? What is it for?

Mainly this device is used for finger/ grip strengthening. Grip is of course useful for grabbing weapons, wrists, etc.- finger strength is especially good for hitting pressure points, one of the focuses of our recent Black Belt Winter Retreat, which are often good supplemental targets to hit while doing joint locks/ take downs.

To strengthen our grip and fingers we often hold this object in one hand, toss it up and catch it in the same hand. There can be many variations of this- some times it is held upright and moved up and down, alternatively catching it in the 3″ section, 2″ section and on the 2″ cap. Often we start by holding it in 3″ section, toss it so we can grab it on the cap of the 3″ section (this is difficult for me- it is getting more possible with practice), toss it so it can be grabbed in the 2″ section, grab it by the 2″ cap and then return to the 3″ section- that’s 1- repeat. Ten times each side. At our last meeting we started holding it in the 2″ section and tossing it all the way around to catch again in the same place (resembles juggling). It is difficult to catch this way, and sadly one of our babies has sustained injury, so be careful if you choose to attempt this one- make it a nice soft spot to land on, should it fall.

As you can see in the pictures, it is made with two pieces of PVC tubing which are connected in the center and capped on both ends with PVC caps and a connector.

The skinnier portion of the object is a tube 2 inches wide which is about 8 inches long.

The fatter portion is 3 inches wide and about a foot long. To connect the pieces you will need PVC glue, and to make it nice and heavy, fill it with sand. Enjoy!

What do you think?

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