I’ve Moved

Greetings from West Hartford Connecticut!

That’s right…I’ve moved.  It’s quite a bitter sweet transition.  I’m happy to have found a great job here but it’s also sad to have lost the proximity and nearness to the activity and the people that I love so much.  Lucky for me, Hagsaeng Naebu is monthly and I should be able to swing it…perhaps only missing a few meetings here and there.  I don’t know what I would do if I could not be a part of this group.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week,, with movers and boxes, and having to be at the synagogue the entire weekend.  I’m actually a little bit lost in terms of what to post on.  It seems like my martial arts has been pretty compartmentalized this week.  I do hope that this is not a trend for me in this new stage of my life.

I need to search out ways for my practice to flow and intersect with my new work (which is about 80 hours + a week) and take steps to ensure that it’s not pushed to the back burner.  If anyone has any advice in this regard I would sure appreciate it!

The one good thing is that my new place is pretty big and provides ample room to practice.  My plan for this week besides continuing to unpack and get furniture and do all of that fun stuff is also to build each one of the apparatuses that we have been using at our meetings.  This way I’ll have my own set and the means by which to improve without having to wait until another meeting.  Guess I’ll have to visit the Land of Walsh…

I’ll update you and post pictures of each of device I’m able to make.

I’d like to now share another thing that has been on my mind as I figure out what practices I can engage in from afar…

If you’ve been checking out the Shin Ho Kwan website, you may have noticed an entire section of material that is rarely discussed publicly and most likely never even mentioned if you’re from a different school.  That is the spiritual section of Shin Ho Kwan.  Now as we’ve addressed several times in other posts, by spiritual we do not mean here religious.  You can be part of any or no religious tradition and still find meaning and value in this part of our curriculum.  Essentially, what is meant by spiritual is more the realm of the intangible, the esoteric, the cultural, the ceremonial.

The history of this aspect of the curriculum is actually intertwined with the history of Hagsaeng Naebu.  In fact, it was HN’s predecessor that initiated the creation of this curriculum.  About 8 years ago, there was a small group of students who asked (or perhaps I should say pestered) Master Pearson to teach in full some of the things which he had previously only hinted at their existence.  This small group expanded over time as more people discovered their interest in these matters of spirit.  Progress was slow but the information taught was immense.  I think we spent an entire year or so, just learning how to feel the energy from various animate objects (quite a difficult task!).  This year and this activity culminated in a sort of test/ceremony which was performed at each winter retreat by the first year graduates of this group.  Lessons also included a number of other fascinating subjects from medicinal herbs, to healing techniques, to how to control one’s subconscious in order to perform better, to delving deeper into the mental side of our curriculum (better understanding the elements for example) to various types of meditation, to chi cultivation.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, this initial group began to fall by the wayside.  However, the curriculum has always remained for the education of those who desire it.  There has recently been an upsurge in interest and so I’d like to take this opportunity now to invite all those interested in participating to be in touch with me directly (hagsaengnaebu@gmail.com — or reply to this post) and I’ll hook you up with the program.  Particularly if you’re living out of state and want to be connected with Shin Ho Kwan, Hagsaeng Naebu, or any of the really awesome organizations we sponsor, plus learn some amazingly cool stuff, this is a perfect opportunity!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Requirement fulfilled…


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