The Virtues of Combative Ability Part II: An Attraction-Based World View


This is the second part of the post that I started last week.  The purpose of this two-part post is to examine the virtues of combative ability through the lenses of two world views.  Last week’s addition examined this topic from a deterministic world view; a deterministic world view can also be said to be the standard world view that certainly most Westerners have.  This week’s addition will focus on the virtues of combative ability as seen through an attraction-based world view.

I strongly encourage the reader to at least skim through last week’s part 1 here: Walsh’s Weekly Post #18: The Virtues of Combative Ability Part 1.  Most readers will perhaps find it easier to get into this week’s part 2 after having first read part 1.


This week’s addition will be discussed through an attraction-based world view.  If this is not your world view, do know that it is not the intention of this post to convince you that this is a superior world view that you should subscribe to.  The only thing I hope to convince people of in this two-part-post is that combative ability is a virtuous pursuit.  It is merely an intellectual exercise on my part to discuss this topic through the lens of an attraction-based understanding of how the world works.

An Attraction-Based World View

As stated in last week’s addition, an attraction-based world view is on that involves The Law of Attraction. Other key concepts to this world view include Universal Abundance, The Law of Deliberate Creation, and The Law of Allowing.

There are many teachers of this world view, and while the teaching may vary somewhat, one might find that the variance

Napoleon Hill was a well regarded writer and journalist at the last turn of the century who, at the behest of Andrew Carnegie, interviewed hundreds of the era’s most successful individuals in order to develop of teaching to live by.

is in the terms used and the depth of the examination instead of any variance in the message given.  It is also the case that while there are many current teachers and writers on this subject, it is my no means a new idea.  I believe that attraction-based teachings can be found as back as ancient times, but that is a topic for another post.  Certainly, attraction based teachings can be well seen in the book Think and Grow Rich that was written by Napoleon Hill at the turn of the last Century.  While the title might sound magical, the teachings of the book are well grounded in first hand interviews and examinations of hundreds of that era’s most successful individuals.  Though Hill never uses the term “Law of Attraction,” or anything like that, his teaching was very much the same, namely that one who possesses sufficient desire and pursues it will find that the world will act in tandem to bring about the realization of that desire.

A book that expresses this world view in a more spiritual vein, and gives a more thorough explanation of this sort of a world works and operates, can be found in Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  This book uses and examines the more common terms of this world view such as the various laws named above.

In an attempt to further introduce this world view, let’s briefly examine those terms.  Again, some of you may find these ideas reflect a world view very different from your own, and that is why it is essential to understand them before moving forward in this discussion:

Universal Abundance:  This is the understanding that the universe is not limited in any way, and that there is in fact more than enough of everything for everyone; the supplies of the universe cannot ever be exhausted. The universe and its source are continually streaming abundant and positive energy to all its members.

The Law of Attraction:  Like energy attracts like energy.  An intention or thought will draw unto itself energy and happenings that are a match to the thought or intention; particularly a match to the emotional element associated with the intention or thought.

The Law of Deliberate Creation: Through the Law of Attraction, one thus has the ability to bring about the manifestations of things in one’s life by continually focusing energy and intention on a subject (increasing the energy flow towards that subject) until it manifests.

The Law of Allowing: Members of the universe have perfect free will and can allow or disallow anything to enter their lives or not.  They are even free to disallow the flow of positive energy into their life.  Nothing can be manifested if it is not allowed to do so.

More Notes:  The attraction-based universe is inclusive and exclusive.  Therefore, giving attention and thought to a negative something, such as non-violence, will actually speed the positive of that subject: violence.  The proper thing in this case to give thought to is”peace” as this is the positive version of what is properly being sought after.

Everything that one encounters in one’s life is therefore the result of past thoughts and intentions that one has allowed into one’s life.  One’s outer experiences are a reflection of one’s self.  It takes continual focus and thought over time to manifest the subject of thoughts or intentions.

This brief introduction does not do justice to describe the workings of an attraction based world, but I am finding that I am unable to concisely express and explain my understanding how these things work in a timely manner.  Further, it is not the intention of this post to fully explore what an attraction based world view is in as much as how it may color a discussion of combative ability.  Those interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction should read one of the above books.

Benefits to the Deterministically Minded

In an attraction-based world, combative ability would be beneficial for the the deterministically minded individuals (those in possession of a deterministic world view).  It is somewhat difficult to abstractly discuss the benefits in each world view individually since most of us, myself included, were raised to believe in a deterministic world, and so we are all in possession of at least a partially deterministic view.

Fear is an indication of a powerful believe in the impending manifestation of something greatly unwanted. In an attraction-based world, this only speeds the manifestation of the unwanted thing.

For the deterministically minded, combative ability should remove some or all fear surrounding the encounter of a violent self defense situation.  The deterministically minded that possesses no combative ability may be fearful of a violent encounter since a deterministically minded person will believe that they have no control over whether or not they encounter such a situation, and upon encountering such a situation, a non-combatively skilled individual may expect to be overrun and at the mercy of the aggressor.

From an attraction-based perspective, fear is a terrible thing to possess.  Fear is an intense negative emotion that results from a believe in the powerlessness of self as well as a strong belief in the probability of the manifestation of something that is greatly unwanted.   If one did not believe in the possibility of encountering an unwanted thing, then one would have no reason to fear it.  In this way, in an attraction-based universe, fear speeds the manifestation of the greatly unwanted thing that is feared because The Law of Attraction is inclusive and not exclusive; what is focused on, whether wanted or unwanted, will be attracted.  The stronger the fear is, the stronger the belief in the possible encountering of the unwanted thing is, therefore there will be little resistance in allowing the unwanted thing into one’s life.  In an attraction-based world, fear is a terrible thing. Therefore, if combative ability gives a deterministically-minded individual confidence in being able to survive and overcome a violent encounter, then that individual will be less fearful of a violent encounter an will therefore be less likely to haphazardly manifest an unwanted violent encounter.

Similarly, because prowess in combative ability is usually difficult to achieve, the attainment of such skill will boost the self-confidence of the deterministically minded which will lead to feeling of empowerment and the ability to achieve other great things in one’s life.  Positive emotions and feelings of empowerment in an attraction-based world are indicative of a state of being that allows positive energy to flow into one’s life and speed the manifestation of wanted things that are being focused on. For the deterministically minded individual residing in an attraction-based world, combative ability allows that individual to overcome fear of violent encounters, and thereby overcome the unwanted manifestation of violent encounters, and combative ability contributes to feelings of empowerment that will aid the individual in allowing the positive abundance of the universe to flow into one’s life.

For the Fully Attuned Attraction-Based Mentality

A fully self-aware and self-realized individual will have no needs and will find only wanted things in life.

As for those individuals who have a full understanding of and belief in the working of an attraction based world in which they live, it is difficult to say what benefit they may derive from anything since they will be in a state of not truly needing anything.  A full understanding of and belief in the universal laws of an attraction based world will yield an individual who is fully self-aware and fully self empowered to experience whatever sort of life that he or she should so desire, and in that life there would only be the most wanted things.  He or she would truly be the master of his or her own life and destiny.  The only benefit then that can be gained from any sort of thing is the degree to which it contributes to a feeling of well being, happiness, and empowerment.

Ending Thoughts

I apologize that this has been lengthier than most posts while at the same time perhaps lacking the more in depth discussion that these subjects warrant.  Writing the latter half of this two part post was the most difficult project I have taken on for this blog so far, and I think I have learned that I need to study and contemplate these subjects more.  I believe that these subjects, discussions, and their repercussions rank as some the most important things to my martial arts practice.  In closing and for a final comment as to moving through a deterministic mind set into an attraction based one in martial arts practice, I would like to leave with a quote from the ending scene of the movie Hero that describes the evolution of a swordsman through his practice:


          Swordsmanship’s first achievement is the unity of man and sword. Once this unity is
          attained even a blade of grass can be a weapon.

          The second achievement is when the sword exists in one’s heart when absent from one’s hand
          one can strike an enemy at 100 paces even with bare hands.

          Swordsmanship’s ultimate achievement is the absence of the sword in both hand and heart.
          The swordsman is at peace with the rest of the world.

          He vows not to kill and to bring peace to mankind.


What do you think?

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