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To finish the Secrets (the Secret Technique) of the Eight Postures (continued from my weekly post #27):

5. What is the meaning of “Pull” energy?

It is like a weight attached to the beam of a steelyard. No matter how heavy or light the force is, you will find out how heavy or light it is after weighing it. To push and pull requires only four ounces… One thousand pounds can also be balanced. If you ask what the principle is, the answer is the function of the lever.

The Lever- Image via

6. What is the meaning of “Split” energy?

It revolves like a spinning disc. If something is thrown onto it, it will immediately be cast more than ten feet away. Did you not see the whirlpool? The waves roll in spiraling currents… The falling leaves drop into it and suddenly sink and disappear.

Whirlpool off Japanese coast triggered by the recent tsunami- Image via
Mortar and Pestle- Image via

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