Feng Shui

This week I will like to continue to explore the 8 Trigrams that are used in Feng Shui as described in the book Journey To Mastery: Feng Shui for Life by Dr. Kathryn Mickle, Ph. D. Last week in my blog I explored the chapter about the Heaven trigram, or Helpful People as it is described in Feng Shui. (I am more used to calling the Trigrams by their elemental names, as we use them in our Taekwondo practice). Before I start to write about a new trigram I want to clarify the exercises given at the end of the Helpful People chapter, because the quick overview I gave last week I realized isn’t as interesting as the way the exercises are described in the book. So, here is the text from the Helpful People chapter, of the exercise “Attracting Helpful People Into Your Life:”

Think about unexpected events in your life. How have they changed the course of events for you? Think about important things in your life. How did they come about?

Think about a challenge in your life now. Open a book at random and see how what you read might give you some new insight. Be open to messages around you. They might come in someone else’s words or behavior you observe.

Think about people in your life who have really made a difference. List some of the qualities that inspired and motivated you (such as seeing your better qualities, not judging etc.)

Think about times in your life when you have done the same for others. There have probably been many times when you have inspired and motivated others. List the qualities you displayed at those times.

What qualities and characteristics would you like to display more? Are they the same qualities that you would like to attract in another? Just know that we attract the same energy that we are sending out.

Visualize yourself radiating out the qualities you would like to attract. Picture yourself with one person (perhaps it is a person you find difficult) and see yourself holding a higher image of the person, encouraging and not judging him or her. Get in touch with the feeling that this evokes inside you. Dwell on that feeling and know that, as you send this out, you also attract it in your own life.

Suggestions for the part of your environment in this direction, the Northwest direction, include pictures of mentors, paintings/ posters/ pictures of spiritual guides/ angels, anything metal (the element associated from the 5 Elements), gray white or black objects, round oval or arched shapes, and pictures of places you have traveled or want to travel.

The new Trigram for this week is Lake, or Creativity or Offspring as it is called in Feng Shui. It sits across from the Ancestors Trigram (Thunder) at the West direction. This is interesting as East is then ancestors or where you come from, where the sun rises and West is offspring/ creativity, what you pass on, in the direction of the sunset.

This chapter talks about being a mother and the energy that that takes (yes this is something I am studying firsthand) including the challenges of working and raising children in today’s world, and how children and work might or might not be related to our “true purpose.” The writing concludes that “whatever we are doing should feel joyous.” The next section focuses on how a person can live a joyful life- choosing to do more things every day that bring joy, rather than tasks that we only feel we must do which keep us from what we really want to be doing. One example is if people in your life make you feel obligated to help them in their life, than it is really better for both you and them to step back from their experience and let them find their own way. In discussing “Tapping Creativity” this chapter also talks about the hexagram “The Well” from the I Ching (possible future topic?) which represents the “deeper” part of ourselves, from whence our creative ideas spring. The statement “a town may change but the well remains the same” speaks to the possibility that although we change, we have a connection to something deeper and unchanging. Another aspect of this direction discussed is learning to “parent” our inner child, changing patterns from childhood in a way that lets us feel happy and joyous. Affirmations: I allow joy to come into my life. I am in touch with my creativity. I nurture my inner child. I take time for myself and do things that I love to do. Feng Shui suggestions for this direction are projects you are working on, pictures of your children, toys, round oval or arch shapes of wood, colors white and light pastels, and anything that reminds you of a happy childhood.

What do you think?

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