Update and a Master’s Dedication

Before I begin, and as an aside, let me inform the dedicated reader that Master Shaffer will unfortunately be unable to post this week due to the terrible snow related power-outages across Connecticut.  However, fear not, for I have been informed that she will be posting as soon as her electric situation stabilizes.  Stay tuned because another installment of Shaffer wisdom is just around the corner!

Back to my post: I would have been saying that this week flew by like an arrow as usual, but it did not since I took Master Pearson’s advice in his 30th weekly post last week. By continually challenging myself to live differently and break ruts, this week has seemed to go on forever!  Last weekend’s meeting seems so long ago, but it was just a week ago.  Thank you Master Pearson for such great advice.

Speaking of Master Pearson inspiring me to live better, this post is about an instance this week that really stuck with me.  This past Friday, I had to pick up some martial arts gear I had ordered from Master Pearson.  It had come way ahead of schedule, so we had to meet at an unexpectedly earlier time to make the exchange (it wasn’t supposed to come until Monday).  For conversation sake during the brief meeting, I asked, “Sir, do you have any plans for the weekend?”  Master Pearson rather matter-a-factly said, “Yes, I’ll probably be working on the manual all weekend.”  The statement hit me like a brick wall.

I thought about all the things I had planned for the weekend ahead.  Yeah, I was working most of Sunday, but my Friday night and Saturday were predominately populated by just-for-fun events.  I thought back to all my weekends for the past several months and how not one of those weekends was just me doing martial arts stuff on my own.  It would be easy to say, “oh, well I was really busy,” or “I have a lot of things going on in my life right now.”  While it is true that I am often very busy and that I do have a fair amount of things going on in my life right now, it struck me very hard on that Friday afternoon that if I just pushed a little harder and focused a bit I could probably find at leas one weekend day somewhere that I could devote to my own martial arts practice.  I do practice regularly, but it seemed that my current practice level fell so short of the mark.

As a student of his, I can’t claim to know much about Master Pearson’s personal life.  It seems that he has a nice house with nice things in it, and that it would probably be possible for him to spend his whole weekend watching netflix, playing xbox, or going on interesting day trips if he wanted to. However, Master Pearson chose to spend his day pursuing martial arts instead.  Perhaps that is the mark of the master though: unwavering dedication even when so many distracting possibilities present themselves.

This month, I have a goal to spend most of a day on my own personal martial arts practice.  I just have to make it happen. Stay tuned to hear how it turns out.  Until then, think about how much time you dedicate to your own practice as well.

What do you think?

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