Wind, Wealth and Pain Control

This week I will like to continue to explore the 8 Elements as portrayed in Journey To Mastery: Feng Shui for Life, by Dr. Kathryn Mickle, Ph. D.

I would first like to briefly discuss a practice I came face to face with in the past week: Pain Control. The experience: The dentist. I have previously had bad experiences at dental visits and so hadn’t been to a dentist for at least a few years. An old filling started to look strangely red and black, and be very sensitive, so I scheduled an appointment- a good thing, as it wasn’t long before the filling started to crack and fall out. I was able to have that filling fixed right away, and lucky in that it isn’t far enough into the tooth to hit the root, which would have necessitated a root canal. For a filling, however, it was fairly extensive- this is where I had to convince the dentist to work on me without novicaine. I prefer to get fillings without novicaine for several reasons. I don’t have to wait for anything to wear off afterward, I like the idea that I am feeling what is actually being done to me, and honestly I think it hurts more to have a novicaine shot than to have a tooth drilled. Even so, the dentist was impressed that I didn’t move as he drilled into my tooth. Afterward I felt even better than usual, and my idea about that is that dealing with the sensation in my tooth made me find a way to escape my usual state- I believe it became a break-state for my consciousness, like a forced meditation. My rationalization for dealing with pain is simple; pain is a helpful sensation and it is a good thing to have, because it keeps us from letting our bodies stay in dangerous situations. However, if there is a situation in which I feel pain, but I know that I am not really in danger (such as getting a tooth drilled) it is OK to ignore that sensation/ acknowledge the sensation but not react to it, in some cases re-interpret it not as pain but just as strong sensation (such as a nettle sting, which is a sensation that actually leads to relief for my sore muscles). Some thoughts for you.

Windy scene- Image via

From a Feng Shui perspective, the Trigram for the Element Wind represents Wealth. It is 2 unbroken Yang lines above one broken Yin line, wind representing “the gradual accumulation of wealth with patience and self-control.” It is opposite the Trigram of Heaven or Helpful People, which are related, as it is difficult to accumulate much wealth without the help of others in life. This concept of wealth means not just money but also “blessings of all kinds,” abundance and prosperity.

This chapter is interesting as it covers the concept that our state of mind affects how abundant our lives are. I have found it to be true that what we have or don’t have doesn’t affect our overall perspective of our life as much as what we think/ how we feel about what we have or what we think we need. This is based on my observations of other people- some people seem to be troubled no matter what abundance they may be experiencing, while other people may be happier with their situation even if they have very little. As written in this book- Abundance is a State of Mind. It is easy to worry about not having enough money. Even people who have a great deal of money may worry that they could lose that money. “How did your parents feel and talk about money?… Those of us who are still struggling with money issues usually have been conditioned with the mindset that money is a burden, that it is difficult to get and that we do not deserve to have it…There are also common fears associated with money”- fears of failure, success, rejection, death, the unknown, and loss can all affect the ways we go about getting, keeping (or not getting and keeping) money. Also discussed is the idea that seems to pervade what we are taught about wealth in society- that we must have what we need in order to do what we want which will make us be happy (Have, Do, Be.). In reality, “unless we have the state of mind first to “be” a certain way, we will never be able to “do” and “have” true abundance- Be, Do, Have.

Affirmations that can help in our quest for wealth:

I have joy and peace in my life.

I love my work and provide a service for others doing it.

I attract events and people into my life which bring my abundance.

Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Feng Shui suggestions, for the Southeast area of your house:

Anything that makes you feel abundant, the colors red, purple gold and silver, coins, a water fountain (symbolizing abundance flowing), and a plant growing upward which symbolizes growth.

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