Changing your world view changes your world

In addition to my routine training and work this week, I have focused on my study of the Law of Attraction.  While my experience has perhaps been rather simple, I hope that my sharing of it is meaningful to others.  I definitely feel as though I have reached a new level in my understanding and practice of the Law of Attraction’s principles.  I have begun to truly view myself as a more prosperous person, and so I am actually becoming more prosperous.

If you won ten million dollars, would you still go to your day job or would you start living more one your terms?

Financial prosperity may seem like an inappropriate place to start manifesting things, but it is where I have chosen to start.  I see money as a gateway to many other things.  The more money one has, the more options are available to that one and the more free one is to make decisions about how to live.   This freeing concept of abundant money should be pretty straight forward to the reader, but if it’s not, consider what you would do if tomorrow you won $10,000,000.  You probably wouldn’t go to work that day, and you’d probably start doing that thing you always wanted to do – you know that thing that you really want to do but can’t because you have to work all the time so you can pay bills – yeah that thing.

In my practice, I avoid any language or thoughts that focus on the lack or worry of money.  Instead of saying “I’m doing okay,” I say that “I’m doing great.”  Instead of looking at something costly and thinking “I can’t afford that,” I think “how can I afford that,” and happily have faith that I can afford it.  On a regular basis I repeat to myself affirmations like “I am prosperous,” “my cup overfloweth with abundance,” “I have more than enough money for all my needs and wants and still more money comes to me.”  Above everything else though, I visualize myself as a well-to-do prosperous person and feel good about feeling that prosperous. Eventually, these things pay off (literally).

My cup overfloweth

This past month or so, I have been more prosperous than I have ever been.  Money just seems to come more easily.  Side jobs come out of nowhere and pay generously, jobs that I currently have grow to be more gainful, and I receive surprise checks in the mail at times when I most want more money.  I’m not saying this to brag, but merely to point out that specific results that I have gotten from a certain practice.  All things considered, I’m still a beginner student of this school of though.

Now there’s a bit of a history here too.  It’s not like I read a Law of Attraction book two months ago, and suddenly everything is better.  I’ve known of the Law of Attraction for years now, and have been a serious student of its teachings for just over a year.  In the past, I have had fits and spurts of positive manifestations, but nothing as full as what I am experiencing now.  What I have also experienced is a lot of impatience with my self (seeming unable to manifest anything) coupled with disappointment and a victim mentality.  Old habits are definitely hard to break sometimes.  For me, striving to switch my world view from a deterministic one to an attraction-based world view has required a lot of self discipline and being brutally honest with myself.

So what’s the point?  The point is not about being more prosperous.  The meta-lesson is that by changing my underlying understanding of something, I change that thing’s physical manifestation.  Instead of viewing money as a difficult class defining attribute to achieve, I view it as something that is abundant and easy to come by, and so it becomes more abundant and easier to come by in my life. The same can be done in any area of life.

Change your fundamental understanding of something, and that physical thing will fundamentally change.  I view myself as a  more likable person, and more people seem to like me.  I view my girlfriend as more fun to be with and more personable, and I find myself more and more enjoying the time I spend with her despite relationship difficulties we’ve had in the past.  I view myself as a healthy and vital person, and I feel more and more energetic, healthy, and strong.

Why wouldn’t you try it?

Could it all be in my head or just plain coincidence?  Who knows, but there have been too many coincidences to be pure happen stance.  All I can say is that you ought to try these sorts of practices before you completely dismiss them.  The worst that could happen is that they don’t work for you and life continues on as it previously did for you . . . . . However, it may just open up a door for some truly amazing and positive things to enter into your life.  Why wouldn’t you at least try?  As they say in the NY lottery: “Hey, you never know.”

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