Fire and Mastery

Today I am going to continue to summarize what I am learning about the 8 Elements and their meanings from the book Journey To Mastery; Feng Shui for Life, by Dr. Kathryn Mickle, Ph. D. If you have been following my posts you may know that it has been a kind of journey for me to get through and share the teachings gained through this book. This week marks my discussion of the 8th and final Elemental Trigram, Fire as we know it in martial arts, or Mastery as it is in this book of the Journey to Mastery. Even though this is the 8th Trigram it is not quite the end of my journey through this book- the final chapter will also need to be shared.

Fire, the final element featured in the book Journey to Mastery, is the Trigram for Mastery itself, across from the Trigram the book begins with which is Journey and Water. In some feng shui translations it is called “fame” but it is “not worldly fame but illumination- how we shine our light and become a master” as written in the chapter’s opening paragraph. The Trigram is of a Yin line- the broken line- between two Yang unbroken lines. Visually this makes it to look “firm and unyielding on the outside but, in fact,” it “is hollow inside;” which could also be said of Fire itself. In this context it is our inner being that is important- and becoming a master is learning to follow our inner knowledge rather than going through our days reacting to outside influences and being swayed by others’ opinions. [Note- “Master” here is not exactly the same as our use of the word “Master”  in Taekwondo, which refers to a person who has earned the rank of 5th degree black belt or higher.]

“When we are truly a light, we burn with a consistent flame that brings consistency into everything around us. It is hard to feel that steadiness in this world when many things appear to be chaotic around us. However, the more consistent that we feel, the more we create this in the world around us. When we give up the need for chaos in our lives, we attract more peaceful situations.”

Here is another paragraph which seems like it could relate to some of the situations developing in our world:

“If each of us starts to feel and act differently, we are combining our light and can change the world. It will take a ground swell of enough people to reach a critical mass at which time everything, including laws and governments, will change.”

Here is a visualization exercise given at the end of the Fire/ Mastery chapter which is designed to help the reader understand what it means to become like a Master:

“Imagine spending a day as a master. Sit quietly, close your eyes and visualize yourself going through a day, starting from the time that you get up in the morning. Imagine this as your most ordinary day, but this time you are going to visualize yourself handling each occurance as a master would handle it.

See yourself getting up in the morning. Probably, as a master, you would spend some quiet time going within or meditating, setting the tone for the day. As the day progressed, you would move quietly and confidently from event to event without getting upset about anything. As each circumstance happened, you would know that things are not as they seem and that there was some purpose behind everything. You would interact with others in a caring, compassionate way, acknowledging people’s higher selves and higher purpose. You would know that they might have some purpose in  your life.

If people wanted you to get caught up in chaos or drama, you would not participate nor would you intervene, allowing them to receive their own lessons. You would always be there to remind them of their higher purpose, nothing more.

When things did not work as expected, you would not try to push anything, knowing that there is probably another way to proceed. You would be in touch with higher guidance and intuition at all times and follow it. You would not get frustrated, but instead look for the synchronicity in all situations and try to stay detached from any particular outcome. You would stay still and know when to move, in the true spirit of non-action.

At the end of the day, you would again get quiet or meditate, acknowledging your higher presence and connecting with this presence as you went off to sleep. You would ask for solutions to problems to appear in dreams.

Now breathe in and see yourself, in your imagination, moving like a master, calm, centered and balanced, knowing that there is something beyond this worldly reality which is more important.”

From experience I find that days when I take time to sit in nature, practice a little Tai Chi, and/ or engage in some form of meditation seem to have a whole different feel than the days when I get caught up in rushing to accomplish all the things I need to accomplish, and leave out the above mentioned practices. And even though I know this, there are still days when I don’t take the time to get in a quiet space. My life involves me constantly deciding what I do and do not have time for, prioritizing and re-prioritizing what seem to be the most important things to accomplish. It seems to be a constant learning process. What I am trying to say is, that even though other things may seem more important (and some really are) everything works better, for me, when I am in that different “better” space when I have taken time for a mind-quieting practice.

Affirmations for Mastery:

I stay in touch with intuition and inner guidance.

I move with certainty and mastery.

I am a light and I radiate light to all around me.

I am a master.

Feng Shui for the Fire/ Mastery location, which is the South direction:

Anything Red or other Fire colors, candles and lights, anything which acknowledges who we are, awards or articles on something we have done, pictures of animals or people since animals and people are considered fire, fireplaces or fire symbols, and things triangular or cone shaped.

What do you think?

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