Trip Weekend

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to accompany Master Pearson and Mr. Walsh on our semi-monthly trip to Cincinnati. As Mr. Walsh noted in his post, we were able to help out with Master Pearson’s Staff Seminar as well as attend the Ahn Taekwondo annual holiday banquet. It is always an amazing experience to go on one of these trips. I learn so much. Through intensive practice I learned the staff form in less time than I usually take to learn a form. I was also able to experiment with sticky staffs and throwing the other person’s staff off my staff, while sticking to it. And self-defense from being attacked by a staff, which is a principle that can be applied to any long straight object similar to a staff.

Pictures from the staff seminar are posted on the Shin Ho Kwan blog, which you can access by clicking on the link above.

Thank you to the Hamiltons and Begleys for having us at the holiday banquet. It was a lovely experience to see so many people together, united by a common interest in martial arts. Last year our trip for the weapon seminar and holiday banquet were a flash point of sorts that began our Hagsaeng Naebu, so it is an anniversary of sorts for us. The chance to fill up on delicious healthy food after a long session of staff work (using a staff makes for a good workout, especially in the arms!) was wonderful (thanks again Rose!)

In addition to those experiences, travelling with Master Pearson and fellow students always makes for an enlightening experience. We were able to browse through the newly completed manual of Master Pearson’s (now I know I need one! That’s “Shin Ho Kwan Volume 2”) and ask any questions we could think of from Master Pearson (it is a long car drive) so I was able to gain new insight into meanings of the 5 Elements, 8 Trigrams, and what they mean for me personally. If you are going to the Winter Retreat, you might want to start thinking about what questions you would ask Master Pearson as well as other martial art Masters and similar experts, should you have the chance to ask them some thing.

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  1. Miss Doll,
    Always a pleasure and a joy just being in your presence. Tis a pity more time could not be spent learning your zen like calm. Cheers and hugs as always!!
    Warmest Regards,
    Miss Rose

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