How to Tie Your Belt in Taekwondo

It is truly amazing that this is the 52nd weekly post that I have written on this blog.  Why is it so amazing?  Because, I don’t really like writing.  Master VanHee would probably laugh at that statement.  He claims that my ideal vacation is one that involves me writing a manual.  It is true that I do enjoy writing manuals, but they don’t require any skill to actually write.  These posts do and it shows more frequently than I would like.  To that end and to the fact that I knew I had to do something extraordinary for this post, I decided not to write at all.  Instead, this post will be the first of a hopefully long series of video “classes” that I will be posting.  Yes, I know, I have already posted two video classes, but those were done with a cheap camera and somewhat lacking software.  I recently purchased a copy of Final Cut Pro, a better camera and some correct lighting.  All of which are going to take some time to learn how to use correctly (especially the lighting).  Please forgive my initial attempts and know that I am a quick learner.  Hopefully after a few posts, my video classes will be, as they should be, excellent.  (That wasn’t an egotistical comment, simply a poke at the past).

Please take a moment to watch: The Video Dojang, Episode 1 (Don’t forget to watch it in HD)

Something to think about……

by Master Sean Pearson

Written by

Throughout his career, in an effort to become a truly well-rounded martial artist in both practice and philosophy, Master Pearson has studied a wide variety of martial arts: Taekwondo, Kali, Kyudo, Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Jodo, Bando and Tai Chi. He holds dan rankings in six of these arts and master ranks in three of them. To this same end he has studied and achieved national recognition as a wilderness survival instructor, a certified hypnotherapist, and a lecturer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

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