There is No Need to Fight

The more I learn about the Laws of Attraction and Universal Abundance, the more I believe them to be the epitome of martial arts philosophical teachings.  I have yet to find a shred of evidence against this sentiment.  The things that one carries in one’s heart will be reflected in one’s outer world.  One who has violence in one’s heart will experience violence in one’s life, but one who has only love and peace in one’s heart will only experience love and peace in one’s life.  If one’s heart is correctly attuned, then there will never be a need to fight.

When compared to any physical technique or training regime in a martial art, what is contained within a martial artist’s heart is just as essential towards the goal of overcoming violence.

(If you are unfamiliar with the Laws of Attraction and Universal Abundance, I provided a brief description in my 19th weekly post in which an attraction-based world view is discussed as it relates to combative ability.  Also, any publication by Jerry and Esther Hicks would provide an excellent introduction into this school of thought.)

What the Law of Attraction means for martial artists

The implications that the Law of Attraction has for the martial artist are astounding and wonderful.  If one’s outer world is a perfect match to what is in one’s heart, then the contents of one’s heart are very important.  The martial artist must therefore develop and hone his or her heart just as keenly as the martial artist would train and develop his or her body and physical technique.

Consider the case of surviving a violent encounter.  It can perhaps be said that the intention of surviving violence is at the very core of a martial artists physical training; the martial artist trains to develop a body that can withstand the rigors and trauma of a violent encounter; the martial artist also focuses heavily on learning and mastering physical techniques that will aid him or her in avoiding damage and neutralizing one’s opponent in a violent encounter.  The novice martial artist is always preparing for this terrible event.

The Law of Attraction offers the virtuous martial artist an alternative: a violent situation never has to be encountered.  Those who have long lived with a deterministic mindset (defined in the introduction of my 18th post) may find this idea hard to approach, but consider for a moment the ethics of this choice: if one could choose (and one can) the type of situations that one arrives in, would it be better to arrive in a violent situation or a peaceful situation? A peaceful situation is the obvious winner; a violent situation might necessitate one’s body being subjected to trauma and tissue damage that permanently handicaps its functions, but worst of all is that a violent situation might require one to purposefully subject another’s body to damage and trauma with ill and lasting effects – and that is a terrible thing to have to do – and that is precisely the type of situation that the Law of Attraction allows the martial artist to avoid by choosing a peaceful heart.

That which is in one’s heart begets that which is in one’s life. What kind of life are you creating?

In choosing a peaceful heart that is filled with faith and belief in love, peace, and harmony, one attunes the energy of one’s life to the energy of all things involving love, peace, and harmony, and then only those sorts of situations are drawn into one’s life.  Only those who have fighting in their hearts will encounter a situation that warrants violent fighting.  Those who have only love and peace in their hearts will only find reasons to love others and love life.  One who has peace and love in one’s heart will never enter a situation in which violence occurs or is needed. This is Law.


In terms of overcoming violence, the state of one’s heart is just as important as the state of one’s body and physical technique.  A martial artist must then focus on the cultivation of his or her heart towards love, harmony, and peace in the same way that the martial artist trains his or her body for speed, strength, and technique.  There is never a need to fight because the manifestation of that situation is a choice, and the virtuous martial artist will choose to manifest only peace, love, and harmony in his or her life. Go forth then and create a life full of love, peace, and harmony. It is your choice.

Go forth and carry peace and love with you where ever you go.

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