The Trigrams – Part B

Please accept my apologies.  This is not what I had in mind when I decided to do this second part of my weekly post.  Here was my idea.  I recently purchased a Wacom tablet so that I could record Statistics lectures (sample problems) for my online Fisher students.  I thought, this would be a great way to lecture on some of the mental aspects of Taekwondo:  trigrams, force vectors, etc. came to mind.  The problem is that I will be out of the USA until the beginning of July.  So off I went, in search of an iPad solution.  I found only one app that would do what I wanted: record my voice while I wrote on a whiteboard and exports the result as a video that I could then import into YouTube.  The app worked great until I tried to save my lecture as a video.  Needless to say, it doesn’t work.  I emailed the programmers and I’m currently trying to help them fix the issue.  So, this video is actually a video of my iPad playing the lecture.  It is not very good quality.  As soon as the export issue is fixed, I will upload the corrected video.

Here is the first episode of Video Dojang – Classroom.  Enjoy.

Something to think about….

by Master Sean Pearson

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