Getting Pressure Points to Really Work

Students will often comment that a specific pressure point they learned isn’t working. Typically, they assume that they are off in its location and sometimes they are. However, most of the time they are simply not “activating” it correctly. Some points need to be struck, some points need to be pressed and some need to be rasped to achieve the desired result. So, if a point isn’t working, try the other two ways of “activating” it and see if one of them works.

by Master Sean Pearson

Written by

Throughout his career, in an effort to become a truly well-rounded martial artist in both practice and philosophy, Master Pearson has studied a wide variety of martial arts: Taekwondo, Kali, Kyudo, Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Jodo, Bando and Tai Chi. He holds dan rankings in six of these arts and master ranks in three of them. To this same end he has studied and achieved national recognition as a wilderness survival instructor, a certified hypnotherapist, and a lecturer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

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