“Presence” of mind…all wrapped up

This week i cam across a rather interesting post in a fellow martial arts enthusiast’s blog.  The author, based on my best guess, appears to be from Barrie, which is really cool, because he’s literally just across the lake from us in Rochester!  Dear author of the post linked below…I will wave to you the next time I’m on the lake 🙂

Anyway, the author, who’s interest seems to be in classical Japanese arts (woot woot!) writes about an experience he had while serving as an uchideshi (which is what initially peaked my interest).  In his post he refers to how we carry ourselves as martial artists, which on the surface could be a really great thing, except  for the fact that we might be recognized by others as such.  I’m intrigued by his idea of sort of “blowing our cover.”  He also probes the deceptively simple concept of presence and awareness – even of small things, like how a person walks and what it says about him.  The basic premise of the article is that, quite often, we invest much time and effort into developing external qualities, appearances, and yet, this can potentially make us more noticeable and hence more vulnerable than we might want.  The solution: spend at least as much effort on deep introspection and internal development the author suggests.

Anyway, you should check it out in the original…see the link below!




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  1. Thank you for your interest and kind words. This has come to me with some surprise as your the first person to comment on my content, let alone do this much! and your (somewhat) local!

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