The Shin Ho Kwan Rat Form

This week I am posting about the Shin Ho Kwan Rat (Ja in Korean) form. As black belts in Shin Ho Kwan we learn 12 forms based on the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. For one of my other posts I wrote about these 12 animals. You can read that post here:  Chinese Zodiac

The rat is the first of the 12 animals. According to legend, this is because the rat used his cleverness to win a race devised by Buddha which was to determine the order of the animals in the calendar. A version of this story is also re-told in the above- linked previous post.

The animal forms are unique to Shin Ho Kwan and are interesting in that they mimic the fighting styles of the animal they feature. Here is the description of the rat as a fighter as it appears in the Shin Ho Kwan manual:

“As it is portrayed by Eastern tradition, the rat is a good worker.   He is capable and self-confidant.  Cunning and diligent, the rat can be seen moving quickly, darting in and out of tight spaces.   Clever, creative, and adaptable, the rat can stop on a dime and change directions in order to reach his goal.”

The form can also be seen in a video below and is written out on the Shin Ho Kwan website:
Rat Form Page

The Rat Form is true to the quick turning motions of the fighting rat. This is especially pronounced in the last motion which is a jumping turn which ends in a simultaneous double strike.

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