There is a pause between Stimulus and Response

Several weeks ago I posted about the transition that occurs between um changing into yang and yang changing into um. Basically I put forth the argument that they don’t immediately go from one to the other. There is a transition phase between them. This phase can be very short/small or it can be very long/large, but it exists.

Recently, I have been teaching a lot of time management classes and inevitably when I do, Stephen Covey comes up. As I mentioned in a previous post, Covey has had a huge influence on my classes. Anyway, I recently was looking up something in Covey’s “Eighth Habit” book and came across a concept of his that I had forgotten about: “There is a pause between stimulus and response”. Covey believes everyone is born with the gift of choice. He puts forth the idea that when there is a stimulus, there is always a pause before the response and that pause, he argues, allows us to use this birth-gift of choice. The pause might be really short due to genetic, physical, mental, environmental influences but it exists and therefore there is an opportunity to make a choice before “response”.

I don’t agree with his choice of using the word “pause” because that would imply there is a stop between stimulus and response (um and yang). As I pointed out in a previous post, there is no pause/stop only a transition. That being said, this is a very important concept that everyone should learn. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions and realize they always have a choice because there is always a period between stimulus and response.

What do you think?

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