Potpourri for $200 – Alex

So I’m at a bit of a loss in terms to of what to post on so this will be a sort of random post just to fill you in on recent happenings within HSN and beyond.

Last night we had our first online lecture courtesy of Master Pearson.  There were some glitches in the system that need to be ironed out.  We are still trying to find the best webinar program that will facilitate easy, productive, and participatory learning for Hagsaeng Naebu.  Last night we learned an interesting method to relieve physical pain.  The method has a name that I can’t remember but somewhere incorporates the word “Synesthesia.”  This way of thinking about pain and its relief came to us vis-a-vis Tom Brown’s school of thought and it is something on which he frequently lectures.  Master Pearson also revealed that, interestingly enough, this pseudo-medical/psychological practice was once common amongst Burmese warriors and tribesmen.  He shared that he had first learned of it, years ago, when he practiced Bando, a martial art from Burma.  You can learn more about Bando by clicking http://www.americanbandoassociation.com/

A picture of Dr. Maung Gyi who was credited with first introducing Burmese Bando to the West.

So anyway, I don’t want to say too much about this method of pain relief because I’m worried that some of you will go out and try it and I don’t want to be responsible for the results.  Also, these lectures that we are privileged to hear are, to some extent, “secret,” whatever that means.  I don’t mean to sound exclusive but I’m not sure Master Pearson would like it if we went around sharing everything he taught us during this time.  That said, if you, yourself are interested in participating in these lectures and all the other Hagsaeng Naebu activities, you should feel very welcome to apply to be a member.  We are always looking for new, open-minded, committed martial artists to participate!  Just send a quick email to hagsaengnaebu@gmail.com!

But back to the pain relief…essentially this method could be described as therapy for your body.  It involves visualizing the pain and then creating a different image with the mind – thus quite literally changing the pain to relief.  It sounds much more simple than it actually is and I imagine it takes years of practice to make this a reliable alternative to traditional medicinal treatments.  Also, Master Pearson made sure we understood that this technique doesn’t actually heal the source of the pain (i.e. if you have a cut that hurts, doing this visualization won’t make the cut go away – you still will need stitches!) but it will relieve the symptoms of pain – which is extremely valuable!  At any rate it was a nice lecture and it was good to get together with everyone, even if virtually.  I have definitely been missing the company of my fellow Hagsaeng Naebu and our teacher!

We were asked to imagine a particular physical pain as a color and shape and then we tried to change that colored shape into some other colored shape…thus transforming the pain into something else.

In other news, it has been a pleasure working with Master Pearson on his upcoming publication.  I’ll let him continue to share the details as he sees fit but I hope many of you will purchase this book when it becomes available.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time will certainly find it interesting and enjoyable to read!  Congratulations sir on this achievement!

On a personal note, this has been a troubling week as I watch the situation in my homeland of Israel, escalate.  I do not want to get political here, for that is not the purpose of this blog (there are plenty of other blogs dedicated to that!), but I will say that it has been very distressing.  I have been in constant contact with my friends and family who are there and a few of them have already been called up for reserve service.  As some of you know, I myself am supposed to be traveling to Israel on November 27th.  I have every intention of carrying out my trip although there are a few changes to the itinerary.  It will be an emotional experience, I’m sure, for many reasons other than this looming threat of war.  It is the first time I’ve returned since I lived there in 2005/2006, a year which was also, sadly, characterized by violence.  But I am excited to reconnect with old friends and reunite with this beautiful land and people that runs through my blood and spirit.  It will be a chance to recharge, refocus, and conquer fear – all of which are so intimately important as a practitioner of martial arts.  I hope for Israel’s security and that things will calm down soon  so that the people there may live in peace and safety and so that I may have a safe and enjoyable trip!  I’ll try to post at least once while I’m overseas and I look forward to sharing some stories upon my return!

requirement fulfilled!


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