Welcome to Inside Taekwondo.  This blog was initially setup to serve as a online diary for Hagsaeng Naebu.  Hagsaeng Naebu literally translates to “inside student,”  the Korean equivalent of Japan’s well known uchi-deshi style of martial arts training.  We, the authors, had the privileged of being participants in a truly unique “live-in” martial arts program…the only of its kind for Taekwondo outside of Asia.   When this blog was initially started there were only four of us studying in this intense manner under the guidance of Master S. Pearson, founder and head instructor of Shin Ho Kwan (Institute of the New Tiger) Taekwondo.   We blogged about our experience so that you can get an inside perspective on this rare, traditional style of martial arts practice.  See what we went through, what we learned, and how our path unfolded…

After several years of posting, the posts stopped due to the program being shut down. It was discontinued not for a lack of interest but because several of the Hagsaeng Naebu students moved and eventually Master Pearson moved out of Rochester.

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